Thau Yong Amateur Musical Association
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Thau Yong Amateur Musical Association is currently Singapore's last complete Waijiang music ensemble & Singapore's only amateur Teochew music orchestra.
Active as well in the Teochew Opera scene, Thau Yong had, in all of her life since Aug 1931 lived by their mission statement to study & to advocate the beauty and intricacies of the Teochews' music & opera, to nurture each soul with sincerity, unity and harmony in mind.

Built up by eighteen Teochew immigrants mad about music, they recognized the desire for artistic expression in the community, thus began her lifelong journey of promoting Teochew music and opera. After diligently learning for three years, Thau Yong finally made her first opera performance at Great World, carving her niche in the Teochew community. To this date, Thau Yong has presented 280 opera performances in Singapore alone, not inclusive of concerts by the music section of the society.

Over the years, Thau Yong was invited to perform in the Bunte Bühne 1991: Internationale Jugendtheater Begegnung mit Fernöstlicher Kultur (Loosely translated as International Youth Theatres Meeting with Remote-eastern Culture) in Waiblingen, Germany, in China, the Shantou International Teochew Opera Festival in 1993 and 1999, in Bangkok, Thailand, the International Ramayana Festival and national celebration of the King of Thailand, King Phumiphon Adunyadet’s 60th birthday celebration in July 1995, in Masan, Korea, the Masan International Theatre Festival 2008 & in Changwon Korea, the Changwon International Theatre Festival 2010.